The Princessiest Princess IN ALL THE LAND: A Tutorial


Kelly, like 99.9999% of little ladies in America, desired a 4-post canopy bed for her birthday, encased in shimmery curtains of LIGHT. “HOW glamorous”, I remarked, as she invaded my Pinterest boards with beds that cost more than all of my living room furniture.

Problem #1, I explained to her, was that she already owned a beautiful bed, which was a generous gift from her grandparents the month she ditched the crib. Mommy doesn’t buy perfectly good furniture to replace perfectly good furniture. I’m the Mom who did CPR in the mountains on a minivan with the age equivalency of Winston Churchill if he were still alive.

Problem #2, was that I WASN’T IN ANY MOOD TO SPEND ONE MORE DIME ON KELLY’S ROOM. She wanted the round shelves, until she GOT the round shelves. She wanted the artichoke light, until Sara chose are far more spectacular light. She wanted Chinese lanterns, which all went up…only to come down. Her current room theme is “colorful, lawless swamp of stuffed animals which cover every square inch of flooring.”


Round Shelf Tutorial Is HERE.

Which leads us to Problem #3: The only thing more unlikely as a birthday gift than a canopy were additional stuffed animals. Canopy WINS. Which is to say, after shopping for anything adaptable without the 4-post bed (that was NOT happening), I handed this conundrum to Greg. He had it solved in about a day, because Kelly has his numba’. What does his Baby Princess need most in the world on her 9th birthday? TO BE MORE PRINCESSY, OF COURSE!

We left town a few days before Kelly’s birthday to visit my cousins, and Daddio spent his weekend making the “World’s Best Birthday Present In The Entire World, EVER-EVER, She Has Never Loved Anything So Much.” -Kelly Testimonial



10 Feet of PVC Piping, Cut Into (2) 3ft sections, and (2) 2ft sections. (3/4″ worked fine, be sure to pick up 4 90′ bends as well)

White spray paint to cover the black print on the piping.

1 set of icicle lights

2 sets of a high thread count sheer voile curtains

Drywall screws

Large hooks

Small hooks



It’s pretty simple stuff: Create a white rectangle with the PVC piping, and feed on the curtains. Attach to the ceiling with the drywall screws and large hooks. Screw the small hooks into the PVC piping at a 90 degree angle to create a hanging system for the lights.

And you’re done, for half the price of the canopies I found while searching la Information Superhighway, and at twice the quality of their curtains.


I was surprised how well this fits into her room. Kelly has a very small bedroom, so I thought for certain we were totaling any chance of order. But honestly, it’s very pretty, and Kelly sits on her bed for hours reading, covered in kitties. I’m not so hard-hearted to admit this is the realization of every childhood dream. Add in a pony that can fly to magical lands, and we win parenting. FOREVER.


And really you’all, ’bout how much longer will our Boo Boo Chicken have childhood dreams? Despite my tears and tantrums, she went ahead and turned 9 last week. My youngest child is in her last year of single digits, and I have one headed into Middle School. When we joined hands out in this space originally, Sara was ONE. Freaks you out a little, yes?


So here’s to little Princesses (who refuse to stay little), their kitty cats (cleverly hiding in this picture, waving at you with his paw), their beloved-loveys (covering their floors), their inability to place band-aid wrappers anywhere near a trashcan, and that tiny heartbreak we feel every night when we tiptoe into their rooms for a final tuck-in, and find them curled up with books and baby dolls. Oh how I have loved the elementary years…they went by SO QUICKLY. To you and your own little Princesses, Godspeed, my friends. As always, Godspeed.