Spinach & Ricotta Calzones

Spinach & Ricotta Calzones

Not sure where I found this recipe and when I started modifying it, but it confirms Sara’s #1 belief about my cooking: I can put spinach in ANYTHING.

Italian sausage, browned (add garlic at the end so as not to burn it)

Spinach, 10 oz

Ricotta, 8 oz

Shredded Mozzerella, 4 oz.

1 egg yolk

2 cloves garlic

1.5 tsp oregano

red pepper

Roll out pizza dough on a floured surface. Turn it into 7″ rounds. Fill half the round with mixture of above, leaving a 1/2″ rim. Brush rim with egg wash (yolk and water). Fold and roll. Cut some slits. Brush the top.

Bake at 450-500 (depending on your oven) until golden brown.