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Craft Tower of FABULOUS

June 15th, 2010 · 4 Comments

My friend Kellie has decided we should theme this summer, “The Summer of Fabulous”.  I had thought for the longest time I would conduct “The Summer of Theater”, but life has forced me into a perpetual state of flexibility.  A Summer of Theater feels like a far off goal to me now, along with cooking dinner, putting on makeup, and getting up out of this chair.  A Summer of Fabulous?  Now that I can see, because “fabulous” is about a lot of things.  Fabulous can be anything from the beading on your wedding gown all the way to a new flavor of popsicle.  Fabulous is a concept I can invent one adventure at a time, without trying to weave it into a large story that culminates in a hand built stage in my back yard with kids acting out vignettes from “Annie”.  Oh yes folks, The Momma had big plans for the summer.  Chemo had bigger plans, as it turns out.

And because imitation is the finest form of fabulous (hey…I’m allowed to take liberties with famous catch-phrases…I have cancer!), I stole some cool car trip ideas from Do They Have Salsa In China?.  She keeps a tower of drawers tied between her girls minivan seats, stocked with sunscreen, snacks, sunglasses, and activities.  Her girls also have great laptop trays they can use in the car, and then with new trips, come new crafts and what-nots that delight her children into a non-whining state of mind.  Long car trips without whining?  Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

I bought the drawers at Wal-Mart, with the lowest drawer being mighty deep and great for bagged snacks.  I found a couple of dry erase boards at OfficeMax on clearance for $4.  I used some lime green 100% wool felt that I had in my fabric stash, and sewed a couple of quick pillows, which I then hot glued to the back of the dry erase boards.  Voila!  Lap top desks for $8, with about 30 minutes of time invested (not including the hour and a half I spent browsing child-free through Office Max…kings to the husband).  To the top of the craft tower I placed velcro, and then I put the corresponding velcro strips onto the bottom of old cups and old tupperware containers.  Into those went dry erase markers, sticky foam stickers, and various crafty what-nots.  I filled the other drawers with all sorts of fun sticker books, chalking books, and travel books I found at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale.  I’ll never pay full price for Fancy Nancy again.

The laptop desks fit in the back seat pockets, which for us, is key, because my girls have the focusing power of a small gnat.  Everything they touch will land on the car floor within 10 minutes, guaranteed.  I need everything to have a place, or we’ll be stepping on it from here to college.  The girls vote the craft tower should become a permanent fixture in the mini-van, which, with Greg’s wild video contraption (I should show that invention at a later day because it makes my car a rolling theater), has now become less of a mini-van, and more of a RV.  I want to add a bathroom, and I have a port-o-potty, but Greg feels that might be taking it too far.  Why?  Just because I offered to sew privacy curtains for my port-o-bathroom?  Again…fabulous, can be about A LOT of things…Mommies on nauseating chemo with a barely potty-trained 2 year old and a 4 year old being seen by the Incontinence Specialists at the Children’s Hospital would agree that a bathroom installed in the mini-van qualifies of CRAZY FABULOUS!

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  • 1 M3 // Jun 15, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    I swear, we could live for a month with all the snacks, clothes, crafts, toys, and yes a potty (pink, no less), that we have in the minivan. I heart our incredibly messy but loaded to the gills minivan. 🙂 You KNOW I think you should do privacy curtains, and then of course I’ll need pictures and instructions.

  • 2 Sherri // Jun 16, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Lori! I used to work with Jenny at BSU. Your girls are adorable and Avery is adorable too. I love seeing new pictures of the three of them on your blog.

    Hopefully this is not a rude way to ask, but I see you are a fellow cat lover, and I have gorgeous ragdoll kitty that I must give up. She is less than one year old, shots, altered, de-clawed…..simply perfect. She’s my daughter’s best buddy and it is sad that I must find a new home for KiKi LaBlue, but I must. If you are interested, please send me an email at loharris21@comcast.net.

    Thanks, Lori!

  • 3 Goomomma // Jun 16, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    Can I just move into your minivan? I’ll even make the curtains and pillows to match!!

  • 4 Stephanie // Jun 16, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Great organization idea! First I’d have to give up the notion that I will NEVER drive a minivan!!!!!!! 😉