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The Rainbow Fairy Game

May 15th, 2011 · No Comments


At the age of 5 or 6, this generation of girls read “The Rainbow Magic Series”, by Daisy Meadows.  There are countless books featuring the adventures of Rachel and Kirsty as they rescue different sets of Rainbow Fairies from Jack Frost.  Some of the other series may have other heroines, I’m not sure.  We’ve only managed to read about 14 of these small chapter books, but I think there are approximately 18 different series (there are Rainbow Fairies and Fun Day Fairies and Weather Fairies and Holiday Fairies…it goes on and on).  The plots are accessible to this age group, and I like how the main characters find themselves embroiled in missions inspired by being outside.

For Spring Break this year, we made our own set of rainbow fairies, using clothespins, rainbow yarn, and markers.  As you can see, they were made in about 30 minutes.  We really just wanted to get them done in order to play a game I invented based on the books: I pretended to be Jack Frost, and I kidnapped and hid these fairies all over the house.  I hid them very, very well.  It took the girls the entire 2 weeks of Spring Break to find them.  I ran around the house, yelling Jack Frost’s lines, and the girls would scream and scramble to find a fairy.  They thought it was hilarious.

One of Sara’s best friends likes the Rainbow Fairy books as well, and has 3 younger sisters, so for her birthday I painted a set of Rainbow Fairy Clothespins dolls for her.  I made a roll for storage, so they have home to return to as they are located.  And OF COURSE it had to be tied with a rainbow ribbon!  I’m not going to admit how long it took me to paint the clothespins and get their heads white.  I can cook.  I can sew.  I cannot paint.  I really enjoyed creating the tiny crowns out of felt: felt, freezer paper, and a hot glue gun was all that was required.  I like the birthday set better than our makeshift set, so I may have to pull out the old paint bucket one more time…

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