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Rao’s Meatballs

January 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

I’ve tried several meatball recipes.  I’ve bought frozen gourmet.  I’ve bought fresh gourmet.  I’ve tried Whole Foods.  I simply cannot find a moist meatball that is the right texture and size.  My kids despise gigantic meatballs, and what kid wouldn’t?  They look kind of gross when you have to chop them up to kid-size bites.  Then I found Rao’s recipe. First, I can’t believe they share their recipes, knowing it takes a  year to get a reservation at one of their 10 tables.  Their food is famous.  Second, I was afraid to try it.  I thought I’d mess it up.  I didn’t think I was up for another meatball failure.  But how wrong I was…OH YUM.

I bought 2 lbs of lean beef, and then 1 full lb. of veal and 1 lb of pork.  I then doubled the other ingredients.  This made about 7 dinners for our family of 4.  I fried them all in my cast iron skillet (that’s a lot of frying folks), cooled them a bit, and froze them in my deep chest freezer.  On spaghetti and meatball night, I thaw, and drop in a sauce of organic tomato and basil sauce with some chopped up sweet peppers, shallots, and mushrooms (which I put in a skillet for just a few minutes first, if I have time).  They should keep for about 5 months in a deep freezer.



A pasta hint: I don’t buy any US made pasta, unless I’m in a real pinch.  It’s full of genetically modified grains, which just don’t taste nearly as yummy as traditional grains.  They lack an oomph I can’t quite describe.  Well, that, and they are probably killing us slowly.  Look on the sides of the boxes to see where the pasta is manufactured.  GMOs are illegal in Europe, but be careful, because if a box “looks Italian”, it might indicate it was made in their US facility.  Make sure it was made in Europe.  It should look like it still has some flour on it…like it actually has texture.  That’s a pasta you want to eat.


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