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The Rock N Roll PJ Party

February 27th, 2012 · 2 Comments

I welcome you to the Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Daisy/Brownie Scout PJ Party I organized in January.  PJ Party for 80 guests, anyone?  Hang onto your hats gals!  It was a ton of fun.  We had 50 girls and 30 parent volunteers, and a night of wild and raucous dancing, because YOU KNOW I themed it.  We had a Rock N Roll Party, if you dare to go on…

I begged Greg to use the compressor on a couple of hundred balloons, which I proceeded to tie into a gigantic, horrid mess.  Hours of tying lost. Or not?  As I stood alone, in the Meeting Center I’ve converted into too many themes to count (Holiday Shop, Chinese Gift Shop, Flower Shop, Mexican Restaurant, Italian Luncheonette, Cupcake and Soda Shop…really, it’s a very convertible space), I held that mess ‘o’ balloons, and my mind saw a vision.  A HUGE CHANDELIER!  Yes.  A few paperclips and one tall ladder later, and I had my chandelier, with 4 long strips of balloons reaching out from center.  I also wrapped the support poles in balloons, because kids are famous for spinning in groups and knocking heads together.  They never learn…not ever…EVER.

I took all of the pictures slightly before everything was set up, so you’re seeing just the basics.  After checking in, and joining everyone in the Meeting Center for dancing, we had long tables set up in the cafeteria for a dinner of pizza, fruit, yogurt, and cookies. Hugs to our entire Plant Management Staff, for without them, my insane plans would never happen.  All centerpieces were made by my college roommate for my 40th birthday, and I must thank her for using black and silver.  I popped in hot pink balls I already had on hand along with some signs, and voila!  Those were my PJ Party colors!  To get white crystal bottles, Cindy painted the bottles with white primer, sprayed them with glue, and then rolled them in Epsom Salts.  Genius.

After dinner, the rotations began.  Half of the girls started out in a massive dance party (huge thanks to Kidz Bop for creating dance-y clean music!) and at the Karaoke station (popular!).  The other half rotated through Crafts: Make Your Own Pet Rock (‘n Roll)…massive mess with a contest per grade, but coming up with a craft for ages 5-11?  Good luck.  Kelly actually came up with our craft!

Station #2 was Nails, which included cheek gemstones, if you so desired:

Hair was great, with a huge thanks to the many talented Moms who can braid.  First the girls could pick from a variety of hair clips:

They then proceeded to long tables for braiding and/or hot pink hair spray addition, along with their clips:

Girls were rotated in and out from the dance party as stations opened, and in they came, sweaty and excited with their blow up guitars, jumping around in their PJ’s and slippers.  PJ’s were required of all volunteers too!  Except for Greg, who kindly helped me with the pizza pick up, music, movie…and generally stood by, giving me oxygen.

Once we penny voted on the rocks, the girls chose from Cupcake, Rocky Road, and Caramel Corn (we went through plenty of water bottles too), and settled into their sleeping bags for a screening of “The Chipmunks Great Adventure”.  It’s a cartoon from 1986, includes many “rock n roll” chipmunk songs, 3 girl Chipmunks, and was guaranteed to be new to every girl there.  It’s Auntie Amanda’s all-time favorite cartoon, so I crossed my fingers, and it was a HUGE hit.  Who knew?

After the movie, we handed out prizes to 2 winners per grade, but by 9:30 at night, it might be best to skip contests.  Those poor little girls were TIRED.  Check out was at 9:30, and the girls left with their PJ Party Patches, their rocks, their hair pieces, messy hair, a sugar high, I hope many left with balloons, and a blow up guitar. It’s possible I met the next day with a very “hit by a truck” sensation.  And I loved every blessed second of it.  From the moment a gaggle of helpful Middle Schoolers stopped by to help me decorate, to the nearly 30 Moms who ran the show like they had run 100 PJ parties, it was just the greatest of times.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  And if Kelly enjoys Daisy Scouts as much as Sara has, the countdown is 2 years (as a few Mommies reminded me…)…hmm…Rock N Roll, it’s been done.  With 2 years to plan, it might be best to start with the Special Effects…

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  • 1 Teresa // Feb 28, 2012 at 7:17 am

    What an AWESOME party!

  • 2 Amie R. // Feb 28, 2012 at 9:47 am

    That looks like SO much fun!