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The Daily Freak Allowance

June 3rd, 2012 · No Comments


Mommy: No, you are not wearing those socks to school.

Daddy: They are just socks.

Mommy: NO.  You will be outside all morning for Field Day, it’s supposed to top 90 degrees today, and you ARE NOT wearing knee-high Halloween socks to school.  IN MAY.

Kelly: I’m wearing them.  I HAVE TO WEAR THEM.

Daddy: Why do you care?

Mommy: Listen up Family.  I have a daily freak limit and it has already been reached this morning!

Daddy: How?  They are just socks!

Mommy: Turn around.  It’s apparent that you’ve not seen you’re older daughter this morning (hearing a sheepish giggle out of Sara, hiding in the Laundry Room).  That’s right.  Sara is wearing full swim goggles to school, thereby beating Kelly to the freak punch, reaching my limit, and all other clothing decisions must fall under the bell curve of non-freaky.

Daddy: Really?

Mommy: This isn’t up for discussion.  Kelly, change your socks.

Kelly: FINE!  I’m wearing THESE! (Holding up an ankle pair of black Halloween socks, decorated with bright yellow cat eyes).

Mommy: OH FINE!  We’ll call that a compromise!  Sara! Don’t forget your swim goggles!  If you refuse to wear your reading glasses at least you’ll be wearing some sort of EYE ACCESSORY.

[Later that day as I pass some friends in the hallway…]

Friend: SO…Lori.  Loving the cat eye socks and the swim goggles today.

Mommy: Yep.  I lost the morning battle.

Friend: Who didn’t?  My daughter is wearing a nightgown with leggins.  When I passed my son, I’m pretty sure he still has cereal in his hair, which is pretty bad considering we didn’t have cereal for breakfast today.

Mommy: Oh my God.  Is it summer break yet?

[Hugs shared by all…]

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