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Make Your Own Wish!

July 16th, 2012 · 1 Comment

After dinner last night, the girls and I found ourselves lounging at the table, wondering on this and that and the other thing.  Just how tall is the tallest Borrower?  Could he be taller than a mouse?  Is he taller than Kelly’s drinking glass?  This discussion was intense.  What if Sara grows up and marries someone named “Bara”?  How could she possibly be Sara Bara? I told her that perhaps she was borrowing trouble, but Kelly is equally concerned that she’ll fall for Prince Belly, which to be fair, is just so very likely.  Commence with the worrying.

Then came the issue of who was to blow out the candle:

Sara: Maybe we should make a wish.

Mommy: I know what I want to wish for…

Sara: Max?  I know!  He just seems so normal.

Mommy: 2 days ago we couldn’t get him to go outside and play, and today he was having so much fun in the yard, we couldn’t get him to come back in.

Sara: It’s so confusing.  He’s so happy and so…Max.  Do you think the Vet made a mistake?

Mommy: I wish Sara.  I really wish.  But he had so many different blood draws.  I don’t think they could all be wrong.

Sara: Let’s all wish together.  All of us should blow out the candle at once.

Mommy: Great idea!  Let’s really concentrate: 1-2-3 BLOW! (All 3 of us giving a stellar candle-blowing effort) High 5 Sara!  High 5 for Max! High 5 Kelly!  High 5 for Max!

Kelly: Why am I High 5’ing Max?

Mommy: Kelly, what did you wish for?

Kelly: I’m not telling my wish!

Sara: Kelly!  We were supposed to all wish for the SAME THING!

Kelly: Did you all wish to grow wings too?

Mommy & Sara: KELLY!!

Kelly: What?!  I really want to grow wings!  I think they could be very useful.

Mommy: She’s hopeless.  The cat’s going to die, but at least Kelly will be able to fly around us at his funeral.

Sara: UGH!

Having dinner last week with Grandma:

Mommy: Go ahead Kelly.  Tell Grandma what you told Daddy last week about how we could finally afford to go to Disney World.

Grandma: What Kelly?  What is your secret plan?

Kelly: We’ll trick the ticket takers!

Grandma: Um…what?!

Mommy: Oh yes Mom.  Kelly has a scheme in which we scam the ticket takers, sneak past them, and get into Disney World for free.  She’s going to be a fun teenager.

Grandma: Oh Kelly, you can’t…well…trick people.

Kelly: Why does everyone keep saying we can’t trick the ticket takers?  It’s a good plan!

Mommy: Because it’s ILLEGAL, Kelly.

Kelly: Ah! We’re not going to TELL them we tricked them!

Mommy: Seriously.  Where do I even start Mom?  I’m going to find her scaling down the side of the house when she’s 16 at 2 in the morning.  Greg is considering adding sensors to the yard.

Grandma: You should definitely do that.


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  • 1 Teresa // Jul 16, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    These little chats are always so much fun!…I’m wishing for Max too…

    ~Have a lovely day!