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Stuffed Mushrooms

August 20th, 2012 · No Comments

I’ve always wanted to make stuffed mushrooms, but why would I?  My day to day life has few reasons to whip up “apps”.  Last week I needed mushrooms, and HUGE, GINORMOUS gourmet stuffing mushrooms were on sale, far cheaper than my normal box.  After I made dinner, I had 8 of these babies left over.  So rather than go out to dinner Saturday night, I dressed up a boring “we’re too cheap to go out tonight” dinner with some fancy appetizers.  Everyone loved it, and we didn’t feel cheated of a night on the town.  They weren’t overly simple to make, but they weren’t overly difficult either.  I’ll say they were well worth the bother.


Gourmet’s 2003 Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

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