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A Few Of My Favorite Things (Are Containers)

December 23rd, 2012 · No Comments


Last week I stepped into The Container Store for the first time, and well…no one should have let me go there.  Have you seen this place? It’s the Holy Land of containers.  I walked around like a kid in Disney, mouth open, uttering indecipherable phrases.  Surely I’m not the first woman to walk into that place and talk to the little glass jars, “OH, I must have you.  You will be mine.”  To the couple staring at me as I caressed the lunch box selection, I said, “You’ll have to excuse me.  I’ve never been here before.”  The woman gave me a look of complete understanding.  The husband backed away slowly.

I wasn’t there to shop, but to get gift cards for Kelly’s teachers. So we’ll blame them for my new desire to rip out my closet and start anew. However, I refrained from purchasing anything other than this beautiful silver box.  I was tasked this season to make a gift box for a very special present, and here is my creation.  I cut the ornaments out of felt, along with the birds which I traced through freezer paper using free clip art.  I got the tiny pearls and stars at Hobby Lobby, and some thin black ribbon for hanging.  The branch and banner is also cut out of felt, and the message is printed on heavy card stock.  The lid lifts off entirely, so the box can be reused, which is good, because if you’d like to know how long this box took to design and create…I’m not telling you.  Don’t ask Greg either, because he’ll just grunt and mumble something about my wack-a-mo priorities.  But seriously people…it was worth it.  I’ve made some pretty containers before, but this might be my favorite.

*The Container Store has paid me in neither cash nor prizes to write this post.  In fact, they don’t even know me.  But they should.  They should get to know me.  They should have me over more often, because maybe they’ll fall in love with me and give me presents.  They should let me do a display of boxes, showing people that containers can be so much more than they anticipated.  And they should pay me in mix-y-match-y jars and sundry what-nots.  If you think I’m creative with boxes, you should see what I can do with sundry what-nots.*

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