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Teachers’ Bags, 2012

December 30th, 2012 · 1 Comment


I went a slightly different direction with this year’s Teachers’ Holiday Gift Bags and decided to add some crafting swag. I couldn’t decide which fabric/ribbon/button combination I liked better, so I made both.  All supplies were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics, but much like The Container Store, they ain’t payin’ the rent (oh no, that’s not a link to THEM, that’s a link to ME). Which is crazy, because God knows I’ve paid their light bill more than once.  Who do you have to know to be a sell-out these days?


There was something so traditionally sweet about this bag.  I made 5 of them when all was said and done.  I loved the Joy button the most, but the inspiration started with the fabric.  I stuffed all (9! because it’s time to set some records) the bags with ornaments, gift cards, and bark cookies.  I wanted plain fabric and patterned ribbon, but we all know if you go into a crafting store with something specific in mind, you’ve tipped off the crafting Fates, and that plan will most certainly require alteration. No one thinks on the fly with kids at their feet, so it should be mentioned that my creative plans are hatched between the hours of 8:15 am and 2:45 pm, week days only. I wouldn’t want you to think my children behave in crafting stores, never having knocked over an entire AISLE of buttons (how did they do it? seriously…I really don’t know how that whole damn aisle came down so fast…); and they never touch the specialty thread.  Never, never. NO GIRLS! STOP! It might be more accurate to say my children aren’t welcome at many crafting stores in town, but let’s get back to our story, shall we?


Sara’s primary teacher’s favorite color is blue, which was the inspiration behind this wintery bag.  I thought I liked the Joy bag the most, until I finished these 4, and then I was torn, because this one is so glittery. I have decided: I like them equally. I liked them even more after I took these pictures and realized they could stand for another good run under the iron.

Making drawstring gift bags for the girls’ teachers has become as much of my annual Christmas tradition as making and gifting hundreds of bark cookies. It fills me with happiness to make something with my hands for the talented people who mean so much to our family.  You know what? When I do become a major sell out, I’m filling these bags with the perfect accompaniment: CASH.  And that should be happening any day now…any moment…I’m going the Major Leagues…heading to the Show…

Share with me your creative teacher gift ideas!  And if you know how to get kids off of Hobby Lobby’s Black List, you know…go ahead and give me a ring.  Privately.  It can stay between us, I promise. And while we’re on the subject, could they put more stuff at kids’ height in that store?! It’s like they’re trying to sell candy or something. Never display anything at 42″ that you don’t want a 5 year old to um…”sample”…oops, off topic again.  Back to the plot:

Famous Bags BLGFFMRCTG (before Lori got famous for making really cool teacher gifts):

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  • 1 Sue // Dec 31, 2012 at 8:55 am

    i am a sucker for bags/totes. I love the size of these and the many possibilities. Always a good job. I have been making totes out of placemats for friends and family. So easy and quick. Can whip one up in less then an hour. My idea of a quick craft with purpose 🙂