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The Christmas Card Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

December 8th, 2012 · No Comments

You might imagine I like hanging out with people who have a sense of humor.  Deep, ridiculous, irreverent, downright side-splitting senses of humor. Kellie’s emails regarding our play date plans have caused me to spit beer out of my nose on more than one occasion.  When I chat with Amie, I usually laugh so hard I stop breathing.  Funny people rock my world.  So when I got Cindy’s card yesterday (college roomie), well…it speaks for itself.  This card is FINE.

In year’s past I’ve blogged Resa’s card, my friend who grew so tired of chipper, happy family picture cards that she began dating (and decorating) a donkey during Christmas card season.  Those were good years indeed.  The donkey finally tired of her and she decided to marry a human last year.  So other than lunch dates running late because she gets stuck in manure (Notice: if you click a link to the words “stuck in manure” you have met the criteria for internet addiction.  Don’t shoot the messenger.), I’m not sure what she’s sending O’2012.

Let’s just consider the funny card gauntlet thrown, shall we? Let the games begin.

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