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A Thank You To The Moon And Back

January 12th, 2013 · 1 Comment



Well smack my butt and call me a biscuit, I was sitting at Panera yesterday morning, just goofing off with my new laptop, and you know what I found?  I found a post about my writing by my bloggy friend Chris Moon, a phenomenal quilt designer and artist.  I don’t know how missed her post on Christmas, but I’m pretty famous for opening up my reader and accidentally marking everything as read. It just chaps me when I do it because it’s like losing your place in a book, with no hope of finding where you were. Undo!  Undo!

Chris gave me a bloggy gift, and to say it made my day just doesn’t cover the score.  Because it set into a motion a full spectrum of lucky events so fun, they will need their own post to cover the day.  It was the best of days.  A truly delicious day.  A tremendous day, if you will.  I will give you a hint: it ended with me wearing black cashmere yoga pants.  NEED I SAY MORE?!

Here is my gift from Chris:

The Gamut of Human Emotion Award:  Please please please visit “Wisdom Comes Suddenly” written by my not-so-geographically-distant bloggy comrade-in-arms, Lori.  Her insightful writing about, well, you name it, makes me check her blog multiple times during the week for the next installment.  (Yes, I subscribe, but I still check to make sure I haven’t missed anything.)  Sometimes she’s silly, sometimes she’s hilarious, she’s often thought provoking but she’s always interesting. (Also the winner of the I Wanna Be Able To Write Like Her Award, but that sounded a little too needy, so we’ll let it go at that.)

I left Chris a note to let her know I check my blog several times per day as well.  What am I hoping to find?  A joke I haven’t already heard?  A turn of phrase completely novel to me?  A Lori from a parallel universe snuck into WordPress and shared a conversation I had forgotten about? Which leaves the question, does Lori laugh at her own jokes?  OH GOOD LORD OF COURSE I DO.  I find people who can keep a straight face while sharing funny anecdotes to be creepy.  Be wry, certainly, but let a corner of your lip curve up.  Do something! Unless you’re Sheldon from Big Bang, and then don’t, because he’s my favorite funny man on TV right now, and no one can play straight like Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

So a huge thank you to Chris!  Check out her quilts and art at Over The Moon Arts, because you won’t see her style elsewhere.  She is a true artist, venturing way, way outside of convention.  Don’t go there looking for Log cabins and Ohio Stars.  Quilts are the world’s coolest canvases, don’t you agree?  I.love.quilts.  And leave a hello because you won’t meet a nicer person.  Ms. Moon, thank you for putting light energy into my stratosphere yesterday.  You gifted me a really special day, and I treasure your words and the luck they imparted to me.  Hugs and Godspeed, my friend.

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  • 1 Chris // Jan 12, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    O my goodness! What a wonderful surprise! I’ll take these kinds of re-gifts any day, missy.

    I’m honored that you like my work and that you visit my blog. And I’m SO glad that your day was full of treasures – and cashmere just about anything!

    Blessings and peace to you and yours (and give your hubby a smooch from me for getting me started blogging two years ago this month!). Chris