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The Best Girl In the WORLD!

January 16th, 2013 · 1 Comment


Mommy: Sara, who did you write your weekly letter to in Language Arts class?

Sara: The best girl in the WA-AH-AH-URRRLLLDDD!!!

Mommy: So, Auntie Amanda then?

Sara (use very high falsetto opera voice): YEEEEESSSSS!!!

If you can think of a better gift than a 25 year old Godmother who is also an OB nurse who loves to play with kids for hours on end, dance, and turns her bedroom into a life-sized fort over Christmas break…you’ll need to let me know.  I’m pretty sure they broke the mold with Auntie Amanda.  Mommies aren’t allowed in their fort, as you can see. THANK GOD.  Back to my wine and hot tub.  Christmas kind of rocked you’all.

Congrats on being Nurse Of The Month (again) Auntie Amanda!! What does that make?  Number 3? Number 4? Keep it up and they’ll have to name the wing after you.  Or heavens, at least the break room!

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