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The Year In Review

January 7th, 2013 · 6 Comments


Your first thought, “What’s with the cheese ball picture?”  Introducing my theme for 2013: “You can never be photographed too many times holding shiny things.”  No.  Actually I was hoping the shiny things would be a focal point other than my sagging chin, but in reality, my work is being submitted in an Auction under the title “A Handmade Holiday With Lori”, and I had Greg take a series of truly horrible pictures to go on the Auction Table.  I tried to take a picture holding handmade things, but they kept getting eaten or given away as gifts.  So here’s me…holding some…old balls.  Great at handmade, terrible at marketing.

I usually do a post in January with my thoughts for the upcoming year.  But this year, only one thought came to mind: SUN!  I see SUN!!  Just pouring down over me.  I could be very wrong, but I sense the Universe opening up and raining goodness around me.  Writing opportunities are flying in, I’m very excited about a new entrepreneur idea solidly fixed in my mind, and for now…the kids are alright.  Growing up at the speed of light, but finally riding their own melts.

I looked over the past year of writing and realized…dang, I’m branded.  Open up “Wisdom Comes Like A Bat Out Of Hell” (toying with a new name…JOKING), and you’re sure to see something I cooked, made with my hands, crazy things my kids say, or things I’m sure my cats would say if they could speak. To you.  If they could speak to you.  They speak to me all day long. That’s all I’ve got folks.  I rarely veer from these topics.  I may not love having my picture taken, but I know who I am.  Wait…no…again.  I know what I like to write about. Yes, let’s start this year with accuracy, shall we?  NOT MATH ACCURACY!  Good Lord, look elsewhere for that.  We shall continue estimating in 2013, as that’s far more interesting than actually measuring things (see first link below, if you need a primer on the basics of Lori Math).

I thought it would be fun to revisit last year, because I remember it as particularly humorous.  Here are my favorite (and by traffic, perhaps your favorite) posts of 2012:

Highlights of the Stuff I Made:

I made a 32 foot snake entirely out of felt.  Because I’m SNAKEY!

The Goodnight Gorilla Dress (which didn’t win a contest, wasn’t featured anywhere, but was my favorite).

Easter skirts that were not so Easter-y, and the fake photo session that ensued.

Feminine Football Attire.

I had a mid-life crisis and refinished furniture.  An affair with Justin Timberlake and a new sports car would have been less drama.

I still love making things with paper.

This box is the essence of me. And felt. Hey! Felt essence.  Yum.

I won the Tiny Button award.  I created the award, but whatever.  No judging in 2013.

Kelly made this, but it’s wildly awesome all the same.


Stuff I Cooked:

Remember that time I decided to cook all summer with 3 kids?  Yeah?  I’m still doing the dishes.  All the same, it was life-changing stuff, truly important life-changing stuff.

I thought the Easter cake was kind of suck-y, but it blew up on Pinterest.

I thought the Rainbow Cakes were awesome, but they were messy and took forever.  Please don’t submit my pictures to Cake Wrecks.

Yep, Sara wants Milkshake Cupcakes for her half birthday again this year. Kelly just wants me to pour a bag of refined sugar over her head.


Parties I Threw:

The Rainbow Art Party

The Daisy Scout Rock N Roll Pajama Party

The Food Drive (which was a party for me, and if you attended the 400 screaming kids rally, you’d see it was my biggest party to date.)



Crazy Things My Kids Said:

The Importance of Peeing Fast.  Really, really fast.

We Fell In Love In A Hmm…mmm Place.

Apparently, I stink. Like, literally.

Momma Has A Daily Freak Limit.

What are you, the Wish Police?

Oh My Gosh! I haven’t seen you since we were in heaven together!  You look amazing!


Mommy, why are you reading so many math books about the number 50?

Why I Should Never Home School.

Bats chatting and Mommies pooping are scientific equivalents.

Mini-me.  Not humorous, just my favorite picture from the spring.

Kelly is NOT the President of the United States.  In case anyone is asking.



The Cats Aren’t Dead Yet:

I support Cat-Sock Monkey Marriage Amendments.  Evolve people!

My cats are carnivores.  Or…duck-o-vores.

Why pets are great for kids.  Even though Max is still trying to die, and I have hardly anything funny beyond summer when he started the dying.  Last week he laid down for days (I’m so not joking), and I’m assuming got bored with death, popped up, and returned to his normal terrorizing ways on Sunday. OK then.




Top Posts By Traffic (so I’m assuming you either laughed until you cried, or cried until you laughed):

 I’m Not Martha.  Even though I’m holding a bowl of Christmas balls. Look away!

 The Gift Of A Year

I walked into Justice for the first time, possibly had a seizure, woke up in 1985, and hey! Where did all of my money go?

My 3 Secrets to Happiness

Top 10 Pinterest Cooking Rules


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  • 1 Auntie Amanda // Jan 7, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    You are fabulous. I love you sister. The shirt looks great. Love you so much!

  • 2 Cooper's Mimi // Jan 8, 2013 at 11:15 am

    It just goes to show that when we do what we love, the rest of the world falls into place. Time to take my own advice…

    Excited to see what happens in your new year!

  • 3 The Momma // Jan 8, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Cooper’s Mimi,

    I can’t WAIT to see what this year has in store for you. I see sun around you as well.

  • 4 The Momma // Jan 8, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Auntie Amanda,

    I love you too Fabuloso.

  • 5 Debbie L // Jan 8, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    Oh the places/things/creations you’ve done. Can’t wait to see where 2013 bring you. Hugs to all.

  • 6 Chris // Jan 9, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    Congratulations in advance on all the success that I know you’re going to have. (Does that make sense? )