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Lori’s Odds ‘n’ Ends Fried Chicken

September 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

Odds ‘n’ Ends Fried Chicken

This fried chicken was born out of necessity, not genius, and yet like all great cooking accidents, quickly became my favorite.  I had intended to make a quick pesto flank steak for Sunday dinner, only to get home and discover the steak never made it off the grocery bagging table.  I HATE IT when that happens!

I had chicken breasts, but those breasts were reserved for Fontina Chicken, which was the last thing I wanted.  I suddenly wanted fried chicken, but I have a strict rule about never frying chicken breasts.  Ugh!  Sunday…after church…starving…want comfort food…now!

I sliced 3 breasts into pretty thick strips of 3, and created this breading based on what I had in the pantry.  I fried it (cast iron, vegetable oil), until brown on each side, and then finished them off in the oven at 350, until the meat thermometer read 165. Dip it, don’t dip it…doesn’t matter, this stuff is too good.

3-Part Breading (after you’ve washed, dried, sliced, and slightly pounded your chicken to give that meat a sticky surface):

First tray:  FlourSecond tray: 5 heavily beaten egg whites and about 4 tbsp of apple juice

Third tray (I made this in the food processor):

1/4th bag of pretzels

1 or so cups of bread crumbs

1 Tbsp cinnamon

Salt and Pepper

1/4th cup brown sugar (give or take)


We ate this with a little ranch, green beans, and roasted fingerling potatoes, and then we all fell asleep.  Praise Jesus and Amen, my friends.



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