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7 Reasons I Love Dirty Children

November 7th, 2013 · 2 Comments

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Picture of My Untame Children Courtesy of Mark Dickhaus Photography.

I love dirty children.  Children who clearly spent their day rolling around in life a bit.  My kids won’t wear barrettes or bows or ribbons in their hair, and no matter how many brushes I stash throughout our moving picture of a life, they always look like they just woke up. They are not tomboys per se, but rather, they are CHILDREN. Spotless children who never have a hair out of place creep me out a little.  It feels very “first several chapters” of Secret Garden-esque.

I love mismatched children. Authentically human creatures, who refuse any clothing not made of knit. Knits feel better than denim, so why on earth would they choose denim? Ever? That must be why old people wear so much knit!  They’ve got nothing to prove and vanity is stupid.  Screw it.  Knits rock at the ends of the age bell curve. When you’re a kid, blue matches black and brown goes with grey and polka dotted dresses are paired with polka dotted leggins which clearly match striped socks. Why? Because today’s theme was “COLOR”.  Lots of it. Hells-yeah. Color. Cool.

I love children who are missing teeth. Adults lose the ability to smile if they are missing teeth, but children have quite the opposite reaction.  The more teeth they are missing, the wider they smile.  It’s a badge of honor, these gigantic gaps in their grins.  High-five, you toothless wonders! Awesome.

I love how children are wrestling with life, and don’t even know it.  Today, Kelly grew frustrated with her violin lesson, and flopped down onto the floor without warning. She continued to lie there until she was asked several times to get up.  She then announced loudly she had to poop.  Sara chimed in that not only did she have to poop, but she also had a very itchy bottom. If adults behaved this way, one would feel compelled to call 911, or at least get a Neurology Consult. I got bored in a meeting last week, and did a great job of pretending to be interested. It was exhausting. Next time, I’m going to stand up and yell, “This agenda is completely uninspiring, and it’s making my ass twitch. Catch you LATER GATORS.” And then I’ll just walk out, because life is short and I’ve got dirt hills to roll upon. It’s cool if I get dirty. Knits wash up nicely.

I love when I lean down to kiss my daughters at night, they lick me instead, and then they squeal with laughter.  If adults lick each other (without permission) they go to jail. That’s probably the right call for society, but still…so much less hysterical laughter in adulthood. Also, adults don’t randomly hug each other as if their lives depended upon the joy that hug imbues on the receiver.  I’ll miss this commitment to hug-excellence when my kids grow up.

I love how kids don’t seem to notice or care they stink to high heaven, and that everyone around them SMELLS AWFUL. That’s all I have to say on this topic, because while I love that kids don’t notice, I do. WHAT are we feeding these smelly cats?

I love finding Halloween candy stashed under my kid’s pillows.  It’s so against the rules, but at least they are clever.  Clever is a useful skill, and really, a little love under a pillow is a good idea.  I get so PO’d when my old lady bladder wakes me up in the night.  Maybe a tiny Twizzler at 2am would ease my frustration.

Sara and Kelly, I love you, just as you are. Someday, when I’m old, stinky, and toothless, I hope you’ll return the favor in the form of a gigantic, ridiculously over-the-top hug. You might slip off of me because knit is practically friction-free, but this can’t be helped. At any rate, and as always, thank you for turning my life and my understanding of it…completely upside down.  Wisdom Comes Suddenly.



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  • 1 Stephanie // Nov 8, 2013 at 10:08 am

    I’ll never understand how some kids walk out of school at the end of the day all put together. Both of my kids end up with paint, food, or a combination of both on their clothing and don’t even get me started on Raelyn’s hair by the end of the day. Yesterday I’m pretty sure she came home with either honey or prune stickiness wiped in her hair causing a million tangles. I wouldn’t have it any other way though! Great post!

  • 2 Teresa // Nov 8, 2013 at 11:18 am

    LOVE this post!

    ~Have a lovely day!