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Happy New Year’s Eve 2013!

December 31st, 2013 · No Comments


Before you don a paper hat and start blowing on tissue paper horns, we wanted to send our wishes for a Happy New Year (some of us are more enthusiastic than others). “Some” of us may require champagne earlier than others as well, and by “some”, I mean me.


We wish you fun times spent with family and friends (this post might rely heavily on a “kids inside boxes” theme).


We hope you make some new friends this year too (furry or otherwise. This is NOT a new pet; it’s Goomommy and Goodaddy’s kitty, who spent a very cuddly Christmas with us.).


Should a chance for some exciting travels come  your way, outer space or otherwise, we wish you safe travels and good times. And remember, if you’re traveling on Sara & Kelly Space Air, there is no crying allowed.  However, when they are outside of their spaceships, this rule does not apply… unfortunately.  I wish for you (and me) far fewer tears this year.  Wait. I’m the Momma of 2 daughters, and I wished for less drama.  That was just a waste of good air, wasn’t it?


I think it’s always important to plan for rest. Rest is so good. These poor guys…you won’t meet 2 harder working men. Sara grabbed this great photo of Goodaddy and Daddy finally wearing out on Christmas Eve.


We wish for you good exercise as well.  I’m not much of a gym-gal, but I do like to move.  That should be the tagline for Motherhood: Become a Mommy, and never sit down again. Since starting this short post I’ve prepared and washed breakfast, started the breading for dinner, put away last night’s dishes, and switched out the laundry. The girls just wish for you roller skates.  Roller skates are AWESOME (and allowed on their space ship).


Here’s hoping this year brings you a chance to shine.  Bows on your head or otherwise.


But mostly, I wish us all love.  So much love that after we store it in mixy-matchy baskets, we will still have more.  Maybe we’ll clean out cabinets to find room for it, and we’ll keep some in the car, and STILL, we’ll have more.  We’ll fold it, and stack it nicely in the linen closet, but STILL…WE WILL HAVE MORE! And that leaves us with only one thing to do: in 2014, I hope we have so much love, we will have to give it away.

Happy New Year, my friends, and as always, Godspeed.

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