Wisdom Comes Suddenly

Idaho Pa’Temple

December 18th, 2013 · No Comments


4 years ago, Kelly found a red die on a key chain on the floor of our closet, and she has been collecting dice since that time. It’s a “Sun Cruz Casino” key chain, acquired by Greg on a gambling boat near our home in Cape Canaveral, before we met.  PROVING that this man, while amazing, never throws anything away. Kelly organizes them, plays with them, tells me stories about their magical powers, and as of last night, has started naming them.  There is a small set which represents the “Royal Family of Idaho”, with her favorite character being “Idaho Pa’Temple”. I don’t know if she’s crazy or hilarious, but I’m fairly certain she gets this from me. Will Santa be bringing dice? OH YEAH BABY. Royal Family of Oregon, Chedda’s Comin’!

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