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The Homemade Holiday, Scene 7

December 21st, 2013 · 2 Comments


It’s with great excitement I announce: I made my final deadline.  My biggest “homemade” deadline is always the last day of school, when I load up the goodies, throw on an elf’s hat (or headband, or light up bracelet, or whatever I can borrow from the girl’s dress up supplies at the last second), and spend the afternoon handing out little presents.  This day always feels like a mad dash, but it’s oh-so-very fun; and as is the way when things are handmade…this day is very much a part of my Christmas traditions.


The winner of the school auction (A Handmade Holiday With Lori), got 5 of these pretty bags.  I loved this year’s design.  The strips took me forever, but none of it was difficult. If you want a tutorial on making a drawstring gift bag, I wrote one here. I also made a few extra: tutor, violin teacher, and one for Stephanie who won the Indy’s Child Contest here at Wisdom last month.


While I made buckets for the teachers receiving the red bags, Sara has a set of teachers whom have never received ANY bags! What? The oldest kid gets to introduce the tradition, and the lagging kid gets to hug it out as the tradition ends. It’s important to me that I make a gift for our teachers with my hands, to show them they are worth my most precious resource: my time. I fill these bags with bark cookies, gift cards, and appreciation for all they do for my daughters.  Sara’s teachers got blue bags this year, and I think they turned out rather pretty.


My final auction item was a set of 20 sculpted sugar cookies for a Santa platter.  Unfortunately, this process was cursed from the moment I couldn’t locate my tin of Color Flow. The cookies, despite great care, turned into crackers.  My outlining went well, but my flooding did not. Honestly, I did a poor job of estimating how quickly I could make 20 sculpted cookies, which seems very MUCH a part of my “traditions”. If you have a fool-proof sugar cookie recipe, please send it my way. I did finish 20 and loaded them up, but they weren’t nearly what I had planned in my head. Try, try again.


So what does the pile look like before I carefully load it into the hatch of The Chicken Box (minivans with 200,000 miles have earned a funky name)? It looks like this, and thank God for the 3-shelf push cart I keep locked in the PTA closet. Thank God it’s next to the loading dock.  Thank God for Maria who keeps an extra key, as mine seems to always be in the bag I left at home.

And thank God for our school, full of wonderfully gifted professionals who graciously share their wisdom.  Their generosity of spirit has changed me, and as long as these hands can create, I will create for them. Merry Christmas everyone.  I send love to you as well!

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  • 1 Sarah // Dec 21, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Oh, so beautiful! I LOVE the bags! As I always tell you, as a teacher I would be overjoyed to see you come in my room with one of your bags full of precious treats! I am sure that Sara and Kelly’s teachers feel that way. You did a FANTASTIC job!

    I wrapped 14 teacher gifts the other night and wrote out 14 thank you notes. Of course, I have ONE child so my husband always questions this! My son is in middle school and has different teachers for all core subjects, then the electives, the speech teacher, the principal, the counselor, the SLD teacher, and so forth!!

    Anyway…..you did GREAT! I know those teachers are feeling the love!

  • 2 Karin w // Dec 22, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I love the bags and make some every year! I do French seams though to hide the raw edges, use coordinating fat quarters to add usability and have FOE “ribbon” with satin ribbon bows attached. I never thought to add a ribbon embellishment or make a drawstring bag… Might be adding that to my shop!