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Goodnight “Our” House

February 20th, 2014 · 1 Comment


You know how you watch the before and after on HGTV, and you think, “Geez, I wish they would come to my house”. Or you walk through a model home or a parade of homes, and you think, “My house could never be this pulled together. I wish I had the skill to make rooms look so good.” Well, um…I thought those things too. Until I did it.

I had the house professionally “staged” today. It sounded uber-cool. Professional decorators bringing in their goodies to make my house look perfect for selling? YES PLEASE!  An entire moving truck pulled up to my house this morning, and bright, articulate women with sunny attitudes flooded my home with pillows and plants and lamps, and even a BED! After their walk through 2 weeks ago, they came back with a TRUCK full of things that specifically matched my house! What an adventure!

But here’s the thing: they had to take all of our “stuff” out. Goomommy’s needlepoints. My Mac that sits in the middle of my living room where I write. My grungy spoon rest imprinted with the words, “Just Write It”, where I lay my coffee spoon as I chug Dunkin’ and write to all of you. Pictures of the girls in ballet costumes. The tiny table where I taught them to play Black Jack, and I’ve had 100 meals at their imaginary Strawberry Cafe. My poster from “The Breakfast Club” (don’t look shocked…we all knew that had to go). Nothing went untouched. No space is in its original form. As “You Gotta Start Somewhere” was repurposed to another space, and a beautifully oversized mirror went into its place, I quietly slipped onto my seat inside The Beast and tried to catch my breath. How quickly it happened, the undoing (and redoing) of our house.


The girls came home to shock and awe. They are now calling the house “The Jungle”, and Sara is marveling at the plants. She keeps playing “Botanical Gardens”, and she’s running around, pretending to discover new species of plants. Kelly is calling the house “An Artist’s House”, and because she is going to grow up to be an artist, she feels the house finally fits her style. Art everywhere. Brilliant. Greg came home extremely pleased with how it looks. There is simply no denying the work done by the Stagers was nothing short of fabulous.

It’s quite pretty, this house. Everything matches, right down to the jaunty basket of pillows by my fireplace (that I’m afraid to touch for fear I’ll jack up the aura). I must have a warehouse of artificial orchids…even the toilets are adorned with orchids. If you are going to sell your house, I highly recommend staging, but I warn you: it’s an emotional rollercoaster, this act of depersonalizing a house where a family became…a family.

So goodnight to our house. Not the one I’m in now, but the wildly mixy-matchy one from my memories. Goodnight messes, goodnight air, goodnight my things that were once everywhere.

Now if you’ll excuse me, they’ve hidden all of my trashcans for the photo session. And my toothbrush.



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  • 1 Teresa // Feb 21, 2014 at 8:29 am

    It sounds amazing…very best wishes with your sale…

    ~Have a lovely day!