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Getting To Yum Is Here!! (Volume 1)

May 6th, 2014 · No Comments



It’s here!!! It’s FINALLY HERE!

OK, I’m going to remember to breath.

You’all remember the summer I got crazy-in-the-kitchen and decided to try the rules in French Kids Eat Everything? We theme our summers, so that year became known as the Culinary Summer. Huge success. BIG.

From there, I met the author, Karen Le Billon, and our family was invited to be a test family for her new cookbook. COOL. Yes! We cooked, and we ate, and we cooked again, and there was some tweaking, and some thoughtful discussion, and then? There was more cooking. And eating. It was a family adventure we will always treasure. In fact, many of the recipes we tested have become a regular part of our dining traditions (Pea Risotto, I love you so.).

The waiting began about a year ago, while Karen wrote, and William Morrow did their publishing magic, and I awaited what I thought would be primarily a cookbook. But it turned out to be SO, so much more! Getting To Yum is a 7-step guide which definitely answers the question, “Lori, how on earth do you get your children to eat all those vegetables, and accept the new foods you are constantly making them eat?” Taste-training! I was one of the first families in North America who experienced Karen Le Billon’s taste training techniques, and you already know they work. If you read my blog, you know the wide variety of foods my kids eat. It’s not dumb luck…it’s teaching.

Getting To Yum is a book of games, strategies, and the 7 secrets of how to change your family’s eating culture to a sustainably healthy routine. Sara, Kelly and I are quoted throughout the book, which means our copy is already dog-eared and highlighted. The girls like to flip to “their pages” and scream. Sara likes to flip to her favorite recipes and yell out her thoughts. “Nifty Nicoise! AH!! That was the night Mommy snuck the olives in the soup and we found out we liked olives! Make it Mommy. MAKE IT. I want that soup for dinner. You made a bunch of it and froze it for me. Do that again, please.” “Marvelous Mashed Cauliflower! Remember that night Kelly?! She gave us fried chicken and told us it was mashed potatoes, and we ate it all before she told us it was cauliflower! IT WAS SO GOOD! MAKE IT. I want cauliflower for dinner.”

Thank you Karen. Thank you so very much. It was such an honor to work with you on this beautiful book, and just as “French Kids…” changed us, I can already see how “Getting To Yum” is going to take us to the next level. Dear Readers, I will be working our way through this book, and writing about it here. Join me. Let’s take this journey together, and see where we land. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be an adventure worth taking.


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