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Come and Dine at “Troisine”

December 17th, 2014 · No Comments


Despite my best efforts to fall miserably behind in Holiday Elfing tasks, things seem to be coming together for me. Clean attic = clean mind. Last summer I hired Fiverr to design a logo around a game the girls and I play. Whenever we cook together in the kitchen, we take on French accents and refer to ourselves as “the three -ines”. I am Sabine, Sara is Isabine, and Kelly is Opaline. Clearly, our restaurant would HAVE to be named Troisine. (Trois is French for “3” in case you took a useful language in high school, which I did not. No regrets. French is gorgeous.)

Before “Troisine”, when the food was fake, and the girls served it to me on tiny plates in their playroom, the game was “Strawberry Cafe”. They had a menu, and took their strawberry theme quite seriously, so I asked the graphic designer to add an element of “strawberry” to the design. I wasn’t sure of my plans, but I knew by Christmas, I’d think of something. Aprons are the obvious choice, but we don’t wear them. I had it printed on a canvas to hang in the kitchen, but that’s not very “kid-like”. So what’s the one thing my daughters ALWAYS want, at every store, no matter how many they already own?


Blankets. The cozier, the better. They haul them around the house like Linus, which is funny, because they never nap. If I had a blanket pile around me at all times, I’d be asleep all day. Above is a picture of the corner of their newest fuzzy lovey. I’m thinking rather than pjs this Christmas Eve, they are getting these. The logo cost me 5 bucks (Fiverr…get it?), and the blankets were bought with Black Friday coupons. All in all, my favorite gifts were by far my least expensive. Isn’t that always the way? I huge thanks and shout out to Village Embroidery for creating the embroidery file and stitching these in time for Christmas. I’m a bit of an embroidery-aholic, so they know me there. Great gals.

Back to wrapping. I hit the halfway point at lunch, which was made possible by last night’s cold beer and midnight Hallmark movie. So…tired…today. A little something to keep us going:


Rufus wanted to stop by and say hello. As you can see, he’s about a whopping pound in this picture, but now he’s a strapping 6 weeks old, so I’m sure he’s at least 1 lb and 3 oz. It might be possible that I keep moving up the “coming home to live with us date” as the hours pass by. I just want my babies home with me, so we can get on with it…the process of turning this house into a home.

Happy Elfing Everyone! May your coffee be hot and plentiful, and may your own pets stay out of the ribbon pile.

*There were no goods or services exchanged for this post, although I’m not too proud to turn down a $5 paycheck. Rufus didn’t get paid either, which is kind of a rip-off, because he’s clearly got the cheekbones to be a model. I did offer him room and board forever if he’d give me a smile. I’m a SUCKER for a cute guy with orange fur and blue eyes. Hey! Maybe the Universe pays me in KITTENS! That doesn’t suck, you’all.*

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