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Things Covered In The Brochure

January 26th, 2015 · 2 Comments


The girls receiving their Troisine blankets on Christmas Eve. Big hit. BIG.

Kelly didn’t get the part of the Semicolon, which was actually a very good thing, because she was cast as “Quotation Mark #2” instead. It’s a wonderful Groucho Marx-themed duet, absolutely overflowing with possibilities.

When Kelly opened her casting assignment with tears, I was so very grateful to finally be experiencing a moment from a Brady Bunch episode. I often joke in this space that most of parenting challenges weren’t in the brochure. As someone raised by The Brady Bunch, I sometimes find myself a bit short on skills. How naive was I to believe parenting would only involve Tiger hiding Kitty Carryall in the doghouse? I did. I swear…I really thought I’d have a spotless house full of kids who magically got themselves to school every day, and then one day, Greg would hide cigarettes in his pocket, and we’d KNOW our storyline just got REAL.

When the Brady kids got bad grades, it was because Greg was in love with his teacher and Jan needed glasses. Do you ever recall Mrs. Brady trying to juggle 5 other kids while getting Cindy to speech therapy to help her lisp? Nope. They got her a book to practice rhymes, and she learned how to handle a bully. All in 30 minutes…GOD! I miss the Bradys!

So when Kelly looked to me for advice on being Quotation Mark #2, I was ready. It’s a part she can really sink her teeth into. She’ll be less afraid on stage because it’s a duet. She’ll make a new friend. We can really have fun with matching costumes. Let’s put in the soundtrack and start practicing! Kelly was so excited after singing “Marks, Marks” 5x in a row, that she forgot about ever wanting to be a Semicolon. Demarcating repeated speech IS WHERE IT’S AT, FOLKS!

I’m so grateful for the parenting moments I recognize as easy. I was fully present in our 30 minute sitcom last week. Sara forgot her Ukelele, and was rescued by Momma. For an ADHD kid who keeps a spotless desk and rarely forgets anything, I was thrilled to rescue her; she’s earned it. Kelly’s Duet Partner invited her out for a fun event on Sunday, bringing my suggestion at making a new friend into a beautiful circle. Life wasn’t perfect last week…but it was overflowing with events fully covered in the brochure. A whole week without being sideswiped by life; what a treat.

I wish for you the same this week. I wish for you squabbles over sharing the “house phone”, siblings competing against each other for class president, diaries accidentally getting donated to charity drives, insect collecting boyfriends named Harvey Klinger, talent contests secretly entered by your children (who are stunningly able to make their own costumes), balls thrown in the house, and a trip to Hawaii filled with intrigue and tabooed artifacts.

May you have a brochure-like, Brady-esque week! Godspeed!




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  • 1 Hands Free Mama // Jan 26, 2015 at 11:19 am

    As a fellow Brady fan, I am loving this post and how you so cleverly related it to parenting moments! You are such a joy to read, dear Lori. And may I add a few wishes for your week … may your fake mustache not fall off during your double date … may your nose not get hit by a football … may you not lose the VERY important sketches that you were asked to deliver! (Those are our favorites!) Oh and embrace your freckles!!!

  • 2 The Momma // Jan 26, 2015 at 12:09 pm


    You had me at freckles!!!