If You’re Not Learning Something New….You’re Sleeping?

Greg and I have learned a great deal of valuable lessons in the last 19 odd months. Hmm….let me sum up:

10.Somewhere in your house, there is a hidden RED crayon. You don’t know where it is, but your toddler does.
9. Cats’ tails don’t come off, no matter how hard a baby pulls.
8. No matter what they tell you at the furniture store, it WILL stain.
7. No matter how many sippy cups you buy, they are all in the dishwasher.
6. TiVo, Netflix: know these things, buy these things. They are your social life.
5. There is nothing cuter than a baby with shampoo in her hair.
4. “Corduroy Goes to the Doctor” is under appreciated in literary circles.
3. If you put one toy away, a toddler will immediately pull out seven more.
2. McDonald’s Happy Meal toys separate and multiply in a toy box.
1. The greatest love we’ve ever known comes in a 19 month old, 23 lb, oreo stained package.